Norwegian Labour Market

You have probably heard the cultural expression "work - life balance" being associated with the Scandinavian labour model. The work - life balance is a part of the Norwegian labour market model sustained by the Norwegian welfare system. Here you can read and learn about the Norwegian labour market in terms of laws, regulations, and norms. 

Laws & regulations 

Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority 

The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet) is a governmental agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, which provides information, guidance, and control over occupational safety and health in the Norwegian labour market. Use the English webportal to find information and guidance about laws and regulations in terms of rights and obligations in the Norwegian labour market. 

Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) is a state - owned organization which consist of a central agency and elements of the municipal social service system, where they provide social and economic security while encouraging a transition to activity and employment in Norway. Use this website to find information and guidance about working in Norway, forms and applications, and services and benefits in Norway. 

Norms & attitudes 

Norway is one of the few countries where the worklife is based on trust and openness in the relatioship between the employer and employees, where conditions are much smaller, less corporate, and still relaxing but effective. You will most likely at some point experience these conditions if you are going to start working in Mo i Rana in Norway. Here are some recommandations for reading and learning about norms & attitudes in the Norwegian worklife. 

Experience Norwegian work culture 

Norwegian work culture is characterized by being informal, horizontal, and small factors influencing relationships in the labour market. It can be quite a challenge to learn how to navigate work culture, if you are new in Norway. The blogger a frog in the fjord has written some articles about experiencing Norwegian work culture while living as an international worker in Norway. Tekna has also written some interesting articles about Norwegian work culture. 

There are of course other blogs, magazines, and social media accounts that explains about their experiences with meeting the Norwegian work culture in terms of norms & attitudes in Norway. 

Public holidays and vacations 

Go to website Info Norden Information Service to read and learn about public holidays and vacations in Norway. 

Use the website to Info Norden Information Service to read and learn about working in Norway.