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Velcome offer

Welcome offers are available for those who have moved to Rana Municipality in 2024, where one can receive an offer by presenting the moving notice either digitally or on paper. Bring your moving notice to the new citizen service center at Rana library. 

Welcome offers include tickets, passes and free entrances into social and cultural offers in Rana. This includes festival tickets and entrances to teater plus cinema for children, trial training for youths and adults,  and passes to family's, and entrance to museum, tours, and even package prices to optician. Keep in mind you have to choose one welcome offer per person, and you can choose a total welcome offer to family, after receiving the welcome card and letter.  This offer can only be used once per person. 

Do you wish to register your move to Rana Municipality?

If you have not registered your move to Rana Municipality, you can do so via the National Population Registry on the Norwegian Tax Administration's website. You can either send the moving notice by mail or do it electronically via the National Population Registry. Remember it may takes some time before you receive the moving notice in email or electronically in Norway.  If you have been living more than 6 months in Norway,  you are required to register your move to Norway from abroad. 


Welcome Guides 

Welcome Guides are relocation and settlement guides containing tailored information and guidance to international newcomers. You will find the following topics in the Welcome Guides: Relocation (Visa, registration, police, tax, and bank), Housing (renting, owning and building), Transportation (public and private transportation including driving in Norway), Education (kindergarten, school and higher education), healthcare (structure and system), and career (labor market, how to get a job, and recognition of foreign education). Welcome guides are made for international newcomers who have recently moved from abroad to Norway, specifically Rana Municipality!

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