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Kindergarden for Pre-school Children

Jørgensen, Kari Endret:04.06.2019 09:33
There are 22 full-time kindergardens in Rana. 9 of them are run by the municipality and 13 of them are privately managed. In general, these centres Jente%20med%20grønn%20og%20blå%20malte%20henderprovide care for children from ages 0 to 5.
The maximum price for full-time kindergarden, whether municipal or private, is NOK 2.730 per child. You pay for 11 months of the year. There is a 30% price reduction for the second child and 50% price reduction for the ​third child enrolled in a kindergarden programme.

How and when to apply
The municipality coordinates the process of applying for placement in kindergarden centres, both the public ones and those which are private-run. The deadline for applying for a place in kindergarden is April the 1st every year.
Admission Criteria/Special needs
Children with special needs have priority regarding the selection process for placement in kindergarden centres.

The links in the right column provides an overview over day-care centres in Rana municipality.

For more information, please contact the Rana municipality service centre on tel. +47 75 14 51 80.


Opprettet: 20.08.2013 09:56