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Av: Jørgensen, Kari | Publisert: 20.08.2013 09:58:55

The Norwegian school system is divided into three levels: Solfest2

1. Primary School (1st to 7th grade)

2. Secondary School (8th to 10th grade)

Upper Secondary School

The first ten grades of school (primary and lower secondary school) are funded by the local authorities.

School Districts
There are 15 primary and lower secondary schools in Rana. As a resident of Rana your child has the right to attend the school in the school district in which you live. All municipal primary schools provide an after-school day-care programme for children on the school premises (called SFO in Norwegian).

School Bus Service
First-graders who live more than 2 kilometres from their school and children between 2nd and 10th grade who live more than 4 kilometres from their school, have the right to be bussed to and home from school.

All children in Norway registered with the Office of the National Public Registrar, are automatically given a place at the school in their school district the year they turn 5. As a general rule, children start school the year they turn 6. Compulsory schooling in Norway lasts for 10 years.

All munincipal schools provides care and supervision of children before and after school hours (called SFO in Norwegian). The school day-care is offered to all children from 1st to 4th grade (1st to 7th grade for children with special needs). Please contact your school for more information.

Minority Languages
Pupils from minority language backgrounds have the right to Norwegian language instruction. The lessons are to be organized in a way that allows each learner to adapt the education and participate in the classroom. Non-Norwegian speaking children also have the right to instruction in their mother tongue (bilingual instruction), on the condition that competent teachers are available whitin the municipality.

School Health Care
The school health care programme is a continuation of the health care programme for small children run by the municipal health clinics. It involves health examinations and follow up, as well as a vaccination programme.

School Dental Care
Up to the age of 18, dental care is free in norway.

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