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Public Services

Av: Jørgensen, Kari | Publisert: 20.08.2013 09:52:44
As a resident of Rana municipality you are sure to be seeking answers to many questions. You can find some information in english on this website. We alsoHavmannen recommend that you make contact with Servictorget on tel. + 47 75 14 51 80.

Rana munincipality has 22 full-time day care centres. 9 of them are municipal and 13 of them are privately managed. In general, these centres provide care for children from ages 0 to 5, though not all have facilities... More

There are 15 primary and lower secondary schools in Rana. As a resident of Rana your child has the right to attend the school at the school district in which you live. For children from 1st to 4th grades, all municipal primary schools provide an after-school activity programme for children at the school premises (called SFO in Norwegian).

Rana Culture School
Rana Culture School offers lessons in music, theatre, video and fine arts, and constitutes a resource centre for amateur artists, kindergartens, and primary schools. More.
Social Services
Social services provided by Rana municipality include counselling, economic assistance, addication care, refugee settlement, residental loans and job training. Contact our local social administration for more information - phone: +47 75 14 50 00. The municipality also manages the long-term care facilities for the elderly. Rana omsorgskontor (phone: +47 75 14 68 00) can give more information about services for the elderly.

Culture, Sports and Recreation
Rana municipality offers a wide variety of cultural activities, sports and recreation.
Further Information
For information in English about other Norwegian government services, go to www.norway.no.
For more general information in English for new foreign residents in Norway, go to

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